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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”  - Jimi Hendrix

Do you want to make the world glow a little brighter? 

GLOW is an original 3D animation feature that will blow your heart wide open, unleashing the power of LOVE.


A boy with a glowing heart... such a simple, yet powerful concept! Especially, a boy who grew up in a not so loving 

environment. A boy who grew up with a closed heart.  

Imagine our hero's super-power coming not from an insect; not from being an alien; not from a freaky mutation; and 

not from some whimsically made up magic, but, from deep within his HEART ... from the power of LOVE.





































Our hero's journey of discovering his power of LOVE, with a little help from a few of his friends,

is what GLOW is all about. 

A journey that leads our hero, AION, from the HAZE filled city/state of MIDAYA ...




















To his frightening yet wondrous encounter with the plant/human like JINGOOS in the mystical land called DRESMA: 

A place where Aion discovers the source and the meaning of his GLOWING HEART.























































And back to MIDAYA, to share his gift of GLOW with the world.  

GLOW has action, humor, drama, and heart - a meaningful and fun film for children of all ages. 






























































































































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at a glance
at a glance
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 Concept Trailer
GLOW concept trailer

GLOW concept trailer

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Aion and Friends


I believe we all have the POWER to make an impact, a positive difference in our world. We all have within ourselves the greatest power in the universe: A power that comes from deep within our hearts, the power of LOVE.

Hi, my name is Patrick Cheh. As an independent film producer, I've developed, financed, and produced a dozen feature films including the number one box office sensation in 2000 called The Watcher, starring Keanu Reeves.  I thought I was going places. 

Then, soon after, life changing events occurred which turned all that I thought were important to me completely upside down: status, power, money... That experience, which is a whole other story, totally changed and transformed me inside and out. I am a much happier, more thankful person now and much more appreciative of the 

wonder and beauty of life. In my work, I still wanted to produce commercially successful films, but with a twist. So I started WakingUp Media with the intention of creating crazy successful films that awaken hearts and minds.

Few years ago, my buddies SPIKE (above right), a tremendously talented artist, and JOONG (above left), a truly gifted storyteller, and I came 

up with a unique and what we believed to be a much needed concept for an animation feature. For the next several years, we poured in much love, energy, and nourishment (money), to grow that simple concept into a well-told story with amazing visuals ... GLOW.



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